Field Railway On Trial

As part of the preparations for the Moseley 50th Gala – September 21 & 22 – we’ve been conducting a series of tests on the Field Railway. The Field Railway is normally used solely for demonstration trains. However, for the 50th Gala, for one weekend only, we are going to allow passengers to ride the Field Railway. Why? Because we want to try to re-capture the experience of train rides at the Cheadle School back when the Moseley Railway Society started. But the legislative environment is a bit different in 2019, so everything has to be risk-assessed to the nth degree, and then tests are needed to check if the risk assessment is correct. We’ve learnt a few things from the tests, but nothing too problematic to resolve. It’s fair to say that we’ll be busy in the next few weeks, but MRT50 is shaping up to be a weekend to remember. Keep watching this space for another big announcement on the subject in the next week or so!