Mellow Yellow

A couple of unusual shunts today allowed two of the current projects to have their photos taken. Motor Rail 22045 – the middle of the Yellow Line-up – is having a light overhaul and upgrade. Essentially, some of the niggly problems which the loco has had over the years are being sorted – for example, decent lights, and an overhaul of the radiator. Motor Rail radiators, with removable tubes, use rubber bungs for sealing. These bungs perish over time, loosing their sealing function.
Meanwhile, the 50HP Baldwin tractor is making slow but steady progress. A fair bit of work is happening off-site, but the gearbox is the focus at Apedale. The internals are in excellent condition, so it’s a case of cleaning and sorting out the various minor mechanical problems, new seals and the like. The gearbox is staying in the frame as it would be a huge job, to no real benefit, to remove it. The frame has now been turned over and the loco brought into the main yard. This was done, providing the first time in railway history that a Hudswell steam loco has shunted a Baldwin frame (prove us wrong, go on then…).