It was a seriously busy weekend at Apedale. On Saturday and Sunday, we hosted the “Leafers at t’pit” Land Rover rally. “Leafers” refers to older Land Rovers which have leaf, as opposed to coil, springs. Apparently that matters a lot in the world of Land Rovers (except to the producers of a certain Land Rover magazine, who turned up in the “wrong” sort and had to park outside the main event!). We have concluded that the event hosted more Land Rovers than were actually ever madeĀ in Solihull, which speaks volumes both for their longevity and also for the activities of spare part suppliers. On Sunday, they were joined by the annual Classic Car rally. This all meant that the local garages have now closed and gone on holiday. All of this meant that the steam trains were seriously busy; the very hot weather was challenging for the crews, but an ample supply of bottled water and ice cream kept everyone more or less sane.