Wagons Roll

The Nantlle wagon

A quick look at a couple of wagon project which are progressing at Apedale. The wagon fleet is often the poor relation, but we’re having a bit of a drive on that front. Wagons restorations are quite nice projects. Nothing excessively complex or expensive, and completion can be achieved without the need to understand the concept of geological periods. Firstly, a Nantlle tramway wagon is being restored for static display as part of an interpretation trail which is being created around the site. The metal work is being conserved as far as possible, but the wooden frame was beyond help, and is being largely replaced. The vehicle has double-flanged wheels, and was horse drawn during its life in Wales. By contrast, we have just started work on a pair of manrider wagons. These were built on skip wagon frames by a brickworks at Whittlesea in Cambridgeshire. Those of a nervous disposition will be relieved to hear that we aren’t planning to use them on the main line passenger train. However, they are very similar to some wagons used to carry passengers in the early days of the Moseley Industrial Tramway at the Cheadle school. September 21 & 22 sees our event to mark 50 years since the founding of the school tramway, and it is hoped that these two manriders will play a prominent role in the event. Exactly what will be announced nearer the time!

Whittlesea Manrider