John Travolta

Another busy weekend at Apedale. A small but well-formed PW gang carried out a number of maintenance jobs on the main line, including a sleeper change and checking/adjusting the gauge as needed. Another project which is beginning to come together nicely is the overhaul of Ruston 179870. This is an early Ruston, and has a two-cylinder Lister engine. It was first preserved at Cadeby, when the bodywork suffered from outdoor storage. It has been fully stripped and we are now at the early stages of re-assembly. The photo shows the frames, which are upside down at the moment. The first things to go back on are various parts of the brake rigging. This has had the main effect of reminding us all just how awful Ruston brakes are. The design has the sole merit of being cheap to make, but it is prone to seizure and only a combination of gravity and optimism will release the blocks from the wheels. The assembly has used more Grease than the John Travolta Fan Club, so hopefully it can avoid seizure for a few years at least.