Rustons and holes

Despite somewhat challenging weather at times, a few key projects have been progressed at Apedale this weekend. The frame of Ruston 179870 has been sitting inverted on a wagon for a few weeks, with the running gear being built-up. This completed, it was time to turn the loco onto its wheels and fit the engine. Always a somewhat nervy task, not least due to the challenge of getting the engine to actually fit correctly. “It came out, so it must go back” is convincing, if untrue, logic. However, in this case, the operation proceeded smoothly, and the loco assembly can now continue on the topsides.
Meanwhile, we are expecting a contractor on site to install an electrical supply for lighting around the station. To allow the installation of conduit, a section of track has been removed. Not an important one, you understand – just the entrance to the station run-round loop! No pressure, but let us hope Mr Contractor clearly understands that the season starts on April 6th, and we need to be able to run-round the trains. Time will tell…..