Dimensionally Transcendental

The steady stream of arrivals of exhibits for Tracks to the Trenches has continued. Recent arrivals have been Mike Hart’s Motor Rail 435 – a previously unannounced entry to the event, and one which has already found considerable approval from some of our volunteers as it is fitted with an electric-start Gardner engine, as built in somewhere called Patricroft. This loco was LR2156. Our friends in Skegness, the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway Historic Vehicles Trust have sent a Class P Ration Wagon, which makes an interesting contrast with the similar wagon from Amberley which arrived a few weeks ago via the War and Peace show. The two Welsh Highland Heritage Railway locos – Motor Rail 264 and Baguley 760 arrived in some style. MR264 is, of course, the oldest Motor Rail in Great Britain. Finally, and perhaps best of all, the long-awaited arrival of HC1238 – the Trust’s Very Own Steam loco – took place. This, along with the Joffre and Brigadelok – took part in a photo charter, and very good it all seemed to. Many, many Pixels were harmed during the day. All of these things seem to go into the various sheds without too many problems, which is vaguely troubling as the buildings were full before. Apparently, the buildings now exist in a different dimension to the rest of the site, which is a contingency not considered when we wrote the Safety Management System. One by-product of this is that the Red Shed can now be used to travel in time. We have gone forward  a week, came back, and can report that the Tracks to the Trenches event was absolutely brilliant. But why take our word for it? Come and see for yourself next Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Details are here. Get in touch here.