Tracks to the Trenches – the influx begins

Two further major exhibits for Tracks to the Trenches have now arrived. Firstly – representing the Central Power – a really rather splendid Henschel-built Brigadelok. Rescued from a sugar factory in Poland, it is normally resident on the North Gloucstershire Railway at Toddington. With significantly more wheels than we are used to at Apedale – but thankfully an even number – there was some trepidation as it set off on a gauging run round the railway network. However, it would seem that the Klein-Lindner devices work just fine, and no significant problems came to light. A number of our members were seen with that “I wonder what my bank balance is?” look on their faces. With kit like this, it’s amazing the Germans lost.

Equally significant, but in a different way, was the arrival of the “B” class wagon. This is a rebuild of a long-lost variant of one of the WDLR wagon types. This useful vehicle could carry bulk stores but could also carry stretcher cases back from the front lines. Being a four wheeler, it will be able to penetrate the far reaches of the Field Railway/Trench Tramway network. Less than two weeks to go now until the Big Weekend. As ever, get in touch here.