Dinorwic Refresher

In preparation for the Welsh Slate Day event, the three Dinorwic wagons have been receiving a rather overdue rub down and repaint. These wagons were pretty much the last project undertaken at Cadeby in 2004-2006, and the woodwork remains in remarkably good order – just a couple of small areas of rot needing to be excavated and filled. So we can’t really complain. There are two of the classic slate wagons and an unusual wagon of unknown purpose, but which may have been used to carry large tools such as rockdrills around the quarry. By close of the day, all three had been rubbed down and undercoated, and one had received an (almost) complete top coat. A rather slow drying undercoat brought proceedings to a halt for the day.

What’s Welsh Slate Day? Glad you asked. Keep watching this space, but August 6th will be the date, and the last photo may be a clue as to what is planned.