Santa is Coming to Town

Santa and the Elves are very much looking forward to meeting our guests for the Santa Specials over the next two weekends. We are sold-out for all days. In the event of any last-minute cancellation tickets becoming available, we will advise here. Santa has asked that we remind customers for the Santa Specials of a couple of key points:-

To keep everyone safe from an infection which apparently affects humans more then reindeer, the experience is almost entirely out-of-doors. So PLEASE remember to dress warmly – especially little ones – and bring a brolly if rain is expected. The forecast at this stage is light rain during the first weekend.

There is an athletics event in the adjacent Country Park on the 12th. This may put pressure on car parking. If you are booked on the 12th, please try to arrive early. We will have car park elves at work, and they will try their best to help you. Please be nice to the car park Elves.

Ho, Ho, Ho….