Life and Times – No.32

Loco no.32 is a Lister RM2X, number 52885 of 1962; this is one of the very late Listers, which were branded as Lister Blackstones, and had an improved bodywork. The bar for “improved” is quite low – most earlier locos had (at best) a roof on four corner posts. No.32 was delivered new to George Ward (Moxley) Ltd at their works at Darlaston in the West Midlands. This company made, amongst other things, plant pots and similar clay moulded products. The narrow gauge railway brought the clay from the pit to the works. Eventually, the company moved over to using injection-moulded plastic to create its products, and 1978 saw the end of the railway. No.32 was stored in the works until September 1990. It was kept company by the much older (1932 built) Lister 3834, which was also an MRT loco for a while. Sadly, there are no photos (on this visit) of the older loco as it was completely buried in a mountain of plastic plant pots! No.32 moved to the Moseley Tramway at Cheadle, where it was a regular working loco. After the school railway closed in 1998, the loco spent a period at Threlkeld quarry, near Keswick. The observant will be spot the distinctive front tank of Motor Rail 7522 in the 6th photo, at Threlkeld; MR7522 is another loco which, like No.32, has since rejoined the fleet at Apedale. September 2020 saw it take its place in the Great Gathering of Lister Blackstones at Apedale.