Life and Times – No.78 City of Gloucester

This is a fairly late-build loco to use a petrol engine – the use of the Dorman diesel was more common by this time. It suffered an identity crisis from the word go; the records tell us that it was actually built as loco no.5046, but then a swap took place between the identities of 5038 and 5046. Why this swap took place is now unknown. The loco was new on 3 January 1930 to to the City of Gloucester Water Works, where it spent its entire working life. It was initially preserved by Dowty Railway Preservation Society at Ashchurch (where the B&W image was taken), then Leicester Museum of Technology.  Whilst in Leicester, the loco was partially scrapped to allow the removal of the engine and gearbox. Apparently they were for re-use in a road roller – any more information on this would be much appreciated. It came to the Cadeby Light Railway in 1990 comprising most of a frame, two (very bad) wheelsets and not much more. Eventually, a replacement Dorman 2JO engine was located courtesy of the Nene Valley Railway, and this provided the impetus to rebuild the locomotive. The engine was recovered from a rather inaccessible part of Wansford yard using a trolley likened to something from Wallace and Grommit. Much of the restoration, including riveting new engine bearers was carried out off-site. It ran for the first time in very many years on 21 January 2012. In 2014, the loco was moved into the Apedale Heritage Centre’s museum.