FR120 – a start is made

It’s the last weekend before the onslaught of the Santa Season, so plenty was happening at Apedale this weekend. After all the track works, checks were made with the Yellow Trolley to ensure that all was well – fortunately, nothing was found amiss. With that done, we moved onto what will be one of the bigger projects during the remainder of the “closed” season, which is ex-Ffestiniog coach number 120. The vehicle arrived at Apedale some time ago, and has been at the back of the shed having various preparatory works done. The vehicle came to us minus its original bogies, which the FR retained. It is therefore stood on a pair of ex-South Africa bogies, which are in as-delivered condition. The SA bogies therefore have to be removed, overhauled, air brakes fitted and put back, which sounds easy if you say it quickly. One of the downsides of the coach being at the back of the shed is that the entire steam fleet has to be removed to allow the removed bogie to escape into freedom. Short days mean that the bogie dismantling team had to work under the workshop floodlights.