Quiz Answers

Apologies for the delay in publishing this – entirely due to an IT crisis. 

Answers literally poured in, but Mrs Trellis had to cede first place to Mr Pumfrey of York, so a triumph of academia this time. Well done!

Anyway, here goes…..

You are sitting in a rectangular tent. It has four sides. Each side faces south. What Bagnall runs past?

Bagnall “Polar Bear” (because your tent is at the North Pole). Paid a transient visit to Apedale whilst in transit from the FR back home to Amberley.

One imagines he likes Guinness.

Vertical Boiler “Paddy” – lived at Apedale for a few months, now re-named Howard and running at Statfold.

Mrs Fawlty and someone looking for a maternity unit at this time of year.

Sybil Mary – Statfold-based Hunslet quarry tank.
Captain Beaky’s nemesis.

Hissing Sid – homebuilt compressed air loco.

Mel Gibson’s road warrior, but not insane.

Max – Statfold-resident Orenstein & Koppel.

As Manuel would put it whilst looking at the church tower “No, Mr Fawlty, isno a hooter, ………..”

Isabel – Bagnall from Amerton.

Monarch in search of the Holy Grail (well, I never voted for him…..)

King Arthur – Baguley diesel loco from Wicksteed Park.

French General in World War One

Joffre – twin of resident KS3014, visited from West Lancs Light Railway.

Home of Rimmer and The Cat

Red Dwarf – Shropshire Mines Trust battery loco.

According to Michael Jackson, this loco was dirty.

Diana – Sirdar Class Kerr, Stuart – which was anything but dirty!

Part Two:- Logic and maths puzzles. Some of these come from the weekly school newsletter from my daughter’s school. She is 12, so you should be able to solve these in the blink of an eye.
In all cases, you must show your working. Professional mathematicians are excluded from the 2nd question.

You have to cross a rickety bridge. Crossing the bridge is your only option. It is pitch dark, and you have one torch. Crossing without a torch is certain death. The bridge is weak, and can only carry two people at a time. Your group has four in it; one person will take ten minutes to cross, another will take five minutes, another two minutes and the last member of the party takes only one minute.
What is the minimum time to get all four members of the party across the bridge?

Most popular wrong answer was 19. Correct answer is 17. Key is to get the 10minute and 5minute people to cross concurrently. Solution:-

1minute and 2minute people cross with torch. Elapsed Time – 2 mins.
1 minute person crosses back with torch. Elapsed Time – 3 minutes.
10 minute and 5 minute people cross together with torch. Elapsed Time – 13 minutes.
2 minute person returns with torch. Elapsed Time – 15 minutes.
2 minute and 1 minute persons cross with torch. Elapsed time – 17 minutes.

At the school concert there were mince pies for everyone.  One huge tray I saw if the pies were divided into 2 equal piles there would have been one left over.  But if the same pies were put into 3 equal piles, there would have been one left over.  To my surprise, 4 equal piles gave a remainder of 1, five piles had one left over, and the pies when shared into six piles also had one mince pie left over. What was the smallest number of mince pies there could have been on the tray? 

Answer is 61. The answer must be the lowest common multiple of [2,3,4,5,6] + 1.  Using the prime factors method, this easily simplifies to [12 x 5] + 1

I have just moved to Chesterton, and need to get my hair cut. There are just two barbers in the village. Barber A is always smart and neat with neatly trimmed and cut hair. Barber B, by comparison, always looks dishevelled with a very poor hair cut. Which barber should I use?

Barber B. A barber cannot cut his own hair, so Barber B much cut Barber A’s hair (and does a good job, it seems).

At a party, there are eight children. Each child has brought a toy car with them. The cars get mixed up. At hometime, a parent randomely gives a car to each child. What is the likelihood that exactly seven children (no more, no less) get the correct car?

This is a Read The Question Carefully question. The key is “no more, no less”, and the answer is “Zero”. If seven children have the correct cars, then only car is left, which belongs to the eighth child. 

My watch has broken, so I take it to be mended. But the mender is a fool. When I get it back, it shows 6.15 instead of 3.30, and when it’s really 4.45 it shows 9.20. What did the mender do wrong?

The watch mender swapped the minutes and hours hands over. The fool.

Part Three:- A few nice, easy, transport related questions.

In which city is Flinders Street station?


The only station name common to the London Underground and the Paris Metro?


What links John Lennon, Lech Walesa, George Best, Charles de Gaulle and Bob Hope?

They are all airports.

I’m at West Street and want to go to St Enoch. I can travel in two directions and never change trains. What track gauge is the railway?

4’0″ – the Glasgow Underground.

I used to be split, but not now. Some of me is large, some of me is small, but all of me is yellow. What am I?
The Berlin U-bahn.