Military Exercises

Another busy Saturday down at Apedale. The main project was locating a lineside hut. This had been provided to us a little while ago by our friends at the Midland Railway Centre. The hut has had some work done on it – more remains to be done – but needed to be in place before the start of the running season. The hut will be used for operations control (and engine crew tea room) at event days, replacing various slightly incongruous tents and gazebos which have been used in the past. We anticipated that moving the hut into place would be challenging, and so it proved. The whole thing was likened to one of those military training exercises involving oil drums, planks and imaginary chasms. But, with careful thought, the job was accomplished by lunchtime and in a safe manner. As if that wasn’t enough, most of the party then went onto to digging and spoil recovery on the Field Railway near the re-graded section. This used the spoil from the re-grading exercise to extend and stabilise the low embankment on which the railway runs in that locale, including making a proper area for a point lever to stand. The previous point lever used to hover in air in a slightly strange and unnerving fashion!