We have been taking advantage of the relative tranquillity between Xmas and New Year by giving a little attention to the Baldwin Tractor – not a loco seen on here very often. This loco was imported from Switzerland in 2016, but other projects have taken priority. Other projects will continue to take priority – this is very much a back-burner job. The current strategic objective is to dismantle the loco and remove the wheelsets. New wheel castings will be required, but it is hoped to be able to re-use the axles and hence the axleboxes. The flycranks are original. The loco needs to be lightened in order for our crane to lift it. As part of this, the superfluous standard gauge fittings are all coming off. A major step forward has been to remove the standard gauge buffers and their mountings (along with assorted birds nests). Consequently, we now have four Continental-pattern buffers available, all sensible offers considered. Removal of the buffers has allowed the loco to look a lot more narrow-gauge, and it’s possible to imagine what the finished product will look like. The “after” photo, for comparision, is a similar Baldwin in the museum at Froissy.



Finally, a very happy New Year to all our members and supporters – and anyone else reading this!