Classic Cars

Today’s Classic Cars Day has passed off really well. In a remarkable break from the traditional downpour of biblical proportion, it has stayed remarkably dry despite a rather dire forecast. We saw 31 cars of all shapes and sizes, including some rather spiffy Jags which conspired to make everything else on site look tatty by comparison. One of our younger members (you know who you are..) decided that his bicycle was a classic vehicle and determined to enter it. To be fair, it has rod brakes and tubes made out of depleted uranium. Just to prove that we did do some proper work, the Red Shed has been emptied and all the locos resident cleaned; this was needed because the building has been re-roofed, and the roofers unavoidably disturbed a lot of rust particles, which inevitably settled on all the locos. The Tin Turtles always live in the Red Shed for the simple reason the they won;t fit through the doors of the main Aurora North building.
The next jolly at Apedale is the September Steam-up on 12th & 13th. See you then? As ever, get in touch here.