Prometheus gets its railway back! Moseley Railway Trust accepts track donation from National Grid

In 2013, the Moseley Railway Trust took receipt of a battery powered electric locomotive following donation by National Grid. This locomotive was used at the National Grid’s cable tunnels at Woodhead, high in the Pennines.  The Woodhead tunnels were originally built to carry mainline trains from Sheffield to Manchester. This led to the battery locomotive being nick-named “Prometheus” by Trust members – after one of the mainline locomotives which used to operate through the Woodhead Tunnel.

“Prometheus” is now a popular member of the Trust locomotive fleet. The National Grid has continued its project in the Woodhead cable tunnels, and this led to the railway track upon which “Prometheus” operated also becoming available. The Moseley Railway Trust is therefore delighted to have taken delivery from Woodhead of some 500 metres of 2’0” gauge track and three sets of points from Woodhead. This track, in good condition, will be used by the Trust when it commences construction of the next phase of the passenger carrying Apedale Light Railway further along the Apedale Community Country Park.
Phil Robinson, MRT Chairman said “Once again, we are indebted to National Grid and their continued support of our work to develop the site and railway at Apedale. It’s unusual to have a locomotive in preservation operating on the same track which it used when in industry – it’s just that both loco and track have moved 60 miles from the Peak District to North Staffordshire. Our volunteers are very much looking forward to putting this track to good use”.
David Smith, who is looking after the Woodhead Tunnels for National Grid said “This track and loco have served us well for many years and we are very pleased that they can continue in useful service … hopefully for many years to come.”

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