Making tracks – to the Trenches

There’s only a couple of weekend left now until Tracks to the Trenches – and inevitably the pressure is now done to get as much infrastructure in place as possible. The Big Railway uses High Output Ballast Cleaners and Kirow cranes. We use a skip wagon, Mick and James. The second option is somewhat more affordable than the first. The plan is beginning to come together – but we are keeping a few little surprises up the proverbial sleeve which you won’t read about here – you’ll need to pay your (very reasonable) entry fee and come along and look for yourself. The Trench Tramway is shaping up – this is a lightweight spur from the main “field” running line and features a gradient which the Snowdon Mountain Railway would be proud of. Still, test trains have run up and down it with no real problems (once the rack gear was fitted). You can still buy advance tickets for the event here – but note that the closing date is 1st September – so don’t delay. All details on the event can be found here. As ever, get  in touch here.