Christmas Quiz – Round Two

The first Xmas quiz rounds seems to have been, frankly, embarrassingly easy. It lasted only a couple of hours before a full set of answers were received. For the record, the answers are:-

1 Stoke on Trent – including the site of Kerr Stuart’s works
2. Edinburgh
3. Stafford – Bagnall’s premises are visible
4. Crewe
5. Cheadle Hulme
6. Manchester Piccadilly
7. York
8. Carlisle
9. Cologne – The Deutz works is just off the photo to the right, across the Rhine. 

10. Blackpool

I am not going to let this setback defeat me. Round Two is based on Movies, Songs and Books – the full Amazon product range. However, there is a railway theme throughout. Ready? Okey Dokey.

1:- Book. “A Scarlet steam engine was waiting next to a platform packed with people……Smoke from the engine drifted over the heads of the chattering crowds….Owls hooted to each other in a disgruntled sort of way”

A:- What platform did this train leave from? B:- What was the destination? C:- From what London station did the Author THINK it would leave from?

2:- Film. A 1964 film starring Burt Lancaster saw the destruction, for real, of a French marshalling yard. Name of the film?

3:- Song. What was Kraftwerk’s song about long distant trains?

4:-  Song. “Deltics and steamers and F88s in full flight”. Artist and Album, please. Also, why on earth did he choose one of the Cold War’s most obscure aircraft?

5:- Film. This, and the next two question, take Chicago as a common theme. Which 1993 film, based on a 1960s TV serial, saw a train demolishing a prison bus and the Chicago Elevated Railway as key plot points?

6:-  Film. Which 1980 cult film also had the Chicago Elevated Railway almost as a cast member, had a scene short in the remains of the 2’0″ gauge Chicago Tunnel Railway and saw the cast singing about the Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad?

For a bonus point, name the 1950 movie which uses the 2’0″ Chicago Tunnel Railway as a key part of the film climax?

7:- Film. Which rather bewildering 2011 film sees the hero repeatedly making the same journey on a Chicago commuter train?

8:- Song. A plaque on the waiting room wall at Widnes station commemorates the writing of which Simon and Garfunkel song?

9:- Book (and TV serial and radio play). By Neil Gaimen, this book saw the hero meeting people who took their names from London place names, including many Tube stations. The TV serial included a sequence shot on the 2’0″ gauge Post Office Railway. What is the name of the book?

10:- Book (and now film). My namesake was a RailwayMan. Where did he work and who was his involuntary employer?

Answers to here – and a happy Christmas to everyone reading.