Nearly the Big Weekend

It’s nearly the Big Weekend – the Stoke Steam Special weekend – 14th and 15th September. It’s the annual weekend when we get to show off a few of the things we’ve achieved down at Apedale. As a regular reader of this column, you will be very well acquainted by now with all that type of thing, and hence inspired to come along and check that is actually true and not just random cyberspace rantings (or Wikipedia). However, there’s a couple of recent developments you won’t have seen. The Dick Kerr skip wagon has completed its restoration, and jolly nice it looks too. Good to see a skip wagon painted something other than grey or black. All it needs now is the Zorin Industries logo. Meanwhile, the recent(ish) restored petrol Motor Rail 5038 has now become a Namer. How exciting. The owner was a bit cheesed off, because he thought he was getting Duke of Gloucester, not City of Gloucester. I’m sure he’ll get over it. Find out moreĀ here.