Ho Ho Ho

The first weekend of Santa trains at Apedale has come and gone, along with most of the population of North Staffordshire it seems. My, but wasn’t Santa a busy man? To be fair, a day at Apedale is a stroll in the park compared to delivering all the presents on Christmas Eve – but it was quite close. The toughest bit, of course, is checking with the Elves who has been naughty and who has been nice. A major problem for one of our members is that elves are scared of meerkats, so they just enter a default “naughty” entry on the spreadsheet. We’ve got it all to do again next weekend. There are still just a few (and I really do mean a FEW) seats left on some trains. Visit here for more details.
In other news, it can be revealed that the Xmas Quiz WILL return this year Рmore fiendish than a very fiendish thing. So start swotting up now, and check in next weekend. In the meantime, we recommend this for wasting an hour or so. It will certainly improve your knowledge of London!!