The Return of the Deutz

Deutz loco no. 10050 has always been one of the stars of the collection at Apedale. It worked at Dartford Main sewage works before preservation at Gloddfa Ganol, then Cadeby and now at Apedale. It has a large single-cylinder horizontal engine, and owes at least some of the mechanics more to steam practice than to internal combustion. It was last run in 2008, when it suffered a major engine failure. Sadly, its owner suffered an even more terminal failure and did not live to see the Deutz return to service. Hopefully, John is watching what we have done from somewhere and deems it Good. With the help of Eddie Draper at the Golden Valley Light Railway, the big end was remetalled. Skilled engineers then rebuilt the engine, cleared the damage caused by the failure and dealt with a few other minor defects. And today saw the loco run for the first time since 2008 – and it ran a treat. Well done chaps, take a bow. There’s still quite a bit of cosmetic work to be done, but the major, and risky, hurdle has been cleared. With a following wind, the loco will demonstrated during the Contractors Delight gala on September 8 & 9.  As ever, get in touch here.