Preparation H

Piles can be nasty things, and at Apedale the piles for the museum foundations were seriously impeding access to the area for the machines needed to continue constructing the foundations. So, go they had to. After testing for gas, it was out with a serious collection of angle grinders for cutting off of the surplus piles. All 70-odd of them. If there is anyone from ScrewFix Direct reading this, you should seriously consider becoming a corporate donor – since all you would be doing is giving back all the money we have spent with you on cutting discs. But with the forest of steel gone, the whole area looks a lot better, and the way is becoming clearer to getting the site in a fit condition for the September Gala. Incidentally, if you have any problems with piles, we would be only too happy to make them go away for a fairly nominal consideration.

Meanwhile, down at t’works, the team working on the D class wagons were having a jolly time trying to make the doors fully interchangeable. Which leads to this week’s maths quiz. There are two wagons. Each has four doors. Any door can fit any position. How many combinations are there? Get in touch here with your answer, and make show that you show your working out.