Day of the Diesels


There are quite a few disparate loco restoration projects on-going at Apedale at the moment. This week, work progressed on at least four different ones. So, we’ll have a quick round up of these. The biggest job at the moment is Project Pluto – Ruston 189972. The focus on this one is currently the 2VTO engine. This suffered a major set-back a few weeks ago when one of the cylinder lines was discovered to be fractured. Fortunately, it was possible to obtain a spare, and this has been fitted – and it fitted correctly first time. This alleviated some worries about blocks with oversize registers. The Apprentices are working hard on this one, and hopefully learning about the fundamental working of IC engines at the same time. There aren’t too many 12 and 13 year olds who can correctly identify compression rings and oil control rings, and understand what each does. Not far away is MR5038, on the last lap after its return from the dead. A lot of paint has been applied recently, by an owner who loathes painting things. It needs a cab, but that’s a Big Job.
Deep inside Aurora North, the Deutz is slowly returning to life. This loco suffered damage to a big end some time ago, and for various reasons it’s been a long haul to repair. But we now have a skilled team on the job, scraping and bluing the new shells onto the big end pin. So, hopefully we’ll see this run again before too much longer. The resemblance to steam engine technology will be noted. At the other end of the technological spectrum is the Baguley Drewry, which having some unspeakable operation carried out on its electrics, without anaesthetic. That’ll teach it. The target for most of these locos is the September Gala, about which more anon. As ever, get in touch here.