Pit Progress

Another very productive weekend at Apedale has seen significant progress on two fronts. Firstly, an elite team has been working on finishing off the station building interior; it is most important to us that this looks as good as possible. This will be, both figuratively and literally, our shop window – the first point of contact the public has with the Trust. Secondly, a slightly less elite team has been working on the pit project. This has included using skip wagons and locos to move fill material from elsewhere on site. As you can see, the track layout includes another Point to Certain Oblivion – these have been something of a feature of the Apedale track layout over the years – but they are always there for good reasons. The photos show some of the Civil Engineering gang, who gave their names as Raymond Throat-Wobbler Mangrove and Jethro Q. Walrustitty. Or at least that’s what I wrote down. Using these wagons as God intended has given us a bit of an idea for the September Gala. Keep watching this space. Get in touch here.