Busy weekend

It’s been a very productive weekend at Apedale. Rather cynically, it was decided that the unseasonally warm weather is unlikely to last much longer, so everything with untreated water in it was drained.This has probably raised the local water table level by a about a foot, which may provoke complaints from our mining colleagues at the Heritage Centre. The first track was laid on the made-up land which leads to the site of the inspection pit, and a loco was duly parked thereon. The voices of doom expected the loco to sink into the mire, never to be seen again. However, the mire seemed rather unresponsive today, and precisely nothing happened. If there’s one thing we’re good at it’s making sure that nothing happens. The more well-informed may wish to note which locomotive was used for this little piece of exploration. I’ll tell you more about that when I get another moment. Get in touch here