Preparing for the Big Day

As the big grand opening weekend draws closer, some of the visitors have already started to arrive. First was a coach on loan from the Hayfield Railway Group. This coach was constructed to serve the annual visit of Peter Pan to the Hayfield Sheepdog Trials, but unfortunately the trackbed has not been available for use over the last few years and hence the coach has been based at the Amerton Railway. It has also been out and about with Paddy, a vertical boiler locomotive built by Dave Potter and friends. Coach S is essentially the same design as our own Penrhyn slate quarry coach, with the addition of a roof, a luxury not afforded to the quarrymen. As we are still constructing some of our own coaching stock, this coach will provide(hopefully) much needed capacity at our open day.

More recently, we have cleared the workshop out to make room for two former Penrhyn steam engines, Edward Sholto and Stanhope. These have now both arrived from Hesketh Bank, where Edward Sholto was visiting after a spectacular photo shoot at Threlkeld Quarry. Stanhope has, of course, been resident at the West Lancashire Light railway since the completion of its restoration in 1999. Now, Stanhope becomes the first permanently resident working steam engine at Apedale, and it will be in action at the September open weekend and on the second weekend of the month for the rest of this season and in 2011.
Stanhope and Edward Sholto loaded up at Hesketh Bank bound for Apedale.
As for Paddy, we are expecting it shortly, giving us three working steam locos for the open weekend on 18-19 September. Added to the other attractions including vintage vehicles, model railways and other displays, there should be plenty to interest any of our readers who fancy a visit in person. We look forward to meeting you both there.