First passenger service day

After last Saturday’s one-off passenger train, this Saturday 21st August) saw the first full day of passenger service operated on the Apedale Valley Light Railway. As is traditional, the service was launched (sliding majestically down a greased slipway?) using a bottle of finest vintage champagne. I’d like to say that the bottle had been in careful storage since being carried on the last train at Cheadle. But I can’t – it was bought on Tuesday in Tescos. The Moseley Railway Trust’s crane was used to provide the necessary skyhook, and at the third attempt, the bottle was no more. And that was that – a steady stream of passengers saw us through to the conclusion of a successful day. Let us hope that there are many more to follow. Trains will be running every Saturday until the end of October, with the Grand Opening Gala on September 18 & 19th. As ever, get in touch here.