Getting Ready

The Grand Opening Gala is now less than a week away – and the plans are beginning to slot into place. We’ve spent the weekend testing and confirming that everything works as it should. This has included the Kerr Stuart steam loco “Stanhope” which has been test-run on passenger trains (for real next weekend!). We’ve also assembled our entire stock of passenger coaches into one train for the first time, and tested that formation. All remarkably undramatic – it even fits the platform – just! The mixture of shapes and colours makes for a characterful train sauntering down the Apedale Valley. Certainly the biggest, and the brightest, amongst them is the Toastrack; after a herculean effort by the team building it, the vehicle should make its debut next weekend. All this to see, and just a fiver to get in? We must be mad. The event is on both days, from 11.00 to 17.00 – see you there. Get in touch here.