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Both regular readers will recall where we left it last week; a small gap in the Apedale Valley Light Railway was all that remained to allow our hero (the Ruston “Vanguard”) to reach Apedale Road, terminus of Phase One of the Moseley Railway Trust’s passenger railway. I’m sure you will be relieved to hear that the gap, 4880mm to be precise, is now no more. A train has now been seen at the buffer stops at Apedale Road. This allowed us to get wagons loaded with track panels for the platform loop into place, and the panels were then carefully, and gracefully, slid into place with the assistance of gravity. There was just time for a quick team photo. Meanwhile, did you see Apedale on the telly? Our colleagues at the Heritage Centre provided their mine for the BBC’s Survivors series, which was broadcast on Tuesday. The blog from 8 August last year shows the programme being filmed. As ever, get in touch here.