The Golden Track Screw

The Moseley Railway Trust has passed a major milestone in the construction of its new 2’0″ gauge railway at Apedale, Staffordshire.
The railway, which will be known as the Apedale Valley Light Railway, is being constructed in phases. Phase One runs from a station at the Apedale Heritage Centre to Apedale Road, a distance of around 500 metres. Further phases will see the railway running on a former mineral railway trackbed further into the Apedale Community Country Park.
Tracklaying has been carried out by volunteers from the Moseley Railway Trust. The main running line is now complete, although there is still plenty of further work to be completed, such as fitting point levers and locks, ballasting and tamping.
The Moseley Railway Trust expects to open the Apedale Valley Light Railway during 2010 – the exact date will depend on the completion of the railway, crew training and achieving the necessary approvals. Further announcements will be made when a firm date is set. In any case, the “formal” opening ceremony will take place at the September 2010 Gala, on September 18 & 19.
Phil Robinson, the Trust Chairman fitted the Golden Track Screw. He said “The Moseley team of volunteers has worked through the hardest winter for 30 years. Their dedication and camaraderie is reflected in this railway, which will make a major contribution to tourism in Staffordshire and the regeneration of the local area”.
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