Track Blitz Day 2 – Almost There

A somewhat reduced workforce has continued the work to create an iron road from the Apedale Heritage Centre to Apedale Road. Today has been the “fiddly bits” – the closure rails and the curves. The closures are non-standard rail lengths which have to be measured, cut and drilled to fit specific places. The curves are produced using the Jim Crow rail bender, which was not designed for easy handling or air mobility. When we collapsed with exhaustion, there was one closure left to build – about 12 feet. There was a brief speculation about whether the Trust’s faithful Ruston, No.29 “Vanguard” would be able to leap the gap if going fast enough, but we decided against this. It would probably upset someone, somewhere. So, for this week, “Vanguard” was left to gaze wistfully towards the new railway. Despite the impending link up, there’s a huge amount left to do, so as ever, get in touch here. And, by the way, don’t forget to check out the main website here for the AVLR pre-opening flyer.