…..where no Motor Rail has gone before

It’s official. The Gap is no more. After a few months with two disconnected railways, the Moseley Railway Trust now has one railway with a very high level of connectivity. The gap was about 40′, and was closed with two more lengths of track. Sadly, the Starship Vanguard wasn’t feeling too well – it seemed that it’s dlithium crystals had run down, or something, so it had to be rescued by the Klingon Bird of Prey “Sludge” (yes, it’s not a great name, it probably means something better in Klingon). So, after the gap was closed, Sludge & Vanguard went off to explore the second part of the railway, hitherto untarnished by locomotive wheels. And it was agreed to be good, albeit in need of some fettling to improve horizontal & vertical alignments, and a lot of ballast to be dropped – but that’s for next weekend. It is this stretch which we will use as a roadside tramway for the Open Day weekend, September 12 & 13. Access to this area will not normally be possible once passenger trains start running, so it’s a great opportunity to get some unique photos of vintage trains and vintage commercial vehicles together. See you there? As ever, get in touch here.