Off-Site Update


One of the better aspects of narrow gauge preservation, when compared to our colleagues in the standard gauge world, is that it is possible to do reasonable amounts of restoration work in “domestic” premises. It is not normally possible to accomodate, say a BR Standard steam loco, on a domestic drive, as this can cause problems with the neighbours and reduce property values. Narrow Gauge locos are much more easily accommodated. This week, we’ll have a quick update on two projects which are closely associated with the Moseley Railway Trust, but are happening away from the main Apedale base. Firstly, the Kerr Stuart Joffre class steam loco, no.3014/16. Many of you will remember this loco from its sojourn on a plinth outside Rich Morris’ house on the Crimea Pass road (shown above). This project is now storming along. The frames are now wheeled, the motion has been restored and fitted – it’s really beginning to look like the bottom half of a steam loco. The firebox outer wrapper and the front section of the barrel have been test fitted. Boiler manufacture is now proceeding apace, and completion? Well, 2010 looks possible.

Meanwhile, the world of Internal Combustion has also been proceeding with work on a member’s 30DL Ruston, no. 237914 of 1946. This loco worked at the DSF Refractories works at Friden, in the Peak District. It’s coming together nicely, and the UK economy has been significantly boosted by a recent paint purchase. We can’t promise that either of these locos will be on site for our open day, but if you want further details, get in touch here.


Finally, this week’s blog is dedicated to the memory of Richard Bowen. A gentleman railway enthusiast.