Today has seen the Moseley Railway Trust open its doors on the Apedale site for the second time this year. This time, the event focused in the military railways items in the collection. By deliberate choice, the event was held on Remembrance Sunday, when the UK and Commonwealth nations remember those who have made supreme sacrifices in both the World Wars and a host of other conflicts. A service of two demonstration freight trains were run; one train was themed around the First World War and used the two “Tin Turtle” locomotives, Motor Rails 1320 & 1369. with restored WW1 rolling stock. The other train represented the Second World War, and used contemporary Motor Rail and Ruston locomotives hauling wagons which mainly originated at the huge RAF munitions depot at Fauld, Staffordshire.

We also took the opportunity to place on display many of the locomotives with a military pedigree, including the ex-Ghana Hudswell Clarke (the same type was extensively used by the Allied forces in WW1), and the War Office Locomotive Society’s Hunslet 460 locomotive, which they repatriated from Australia – again, a very common type with Allied forces.A rather important little ceremony took place mid-afternoon – watch this space for more information. In the meantime, the photos will give a flavour of the day. As ever, contact us here.