Apedale Update

It’s been a cold and wet month at Apedale, but we’ve managed to make some good progress on a number of projects. The G Class Simplex is now fully electrocuted. Our Orenstein forklift truck developed a nasty habit of covering the driver’s knees in hydraulic oil. A worldwide search for a suitable alternative steering valve led us to a company just around the corner from the Deputy Chairman’s house. The new valve is fitted, and early indications are that the driver’s knees are currently unlubricated.
Work has continued on the buildings. The World’s Worst Bricklayer has moved onto to becoming the World’s Worst block-layer, and thus has been created a tool store room within the main complex. Hopefully, this will facilitate a general clear-up of the workshop area.
A hitherto unmentioned project has been quietly growing – this is a mock-up of a concrete pipe for use in the museum display area. Amazing what can be done with hardboard and timber offcuts.
What will 2008 bring? A renewed focus on the need to construct Phase One of the railway down to Apedale Road. Groundworks are making progress, and we can recommence track laying in the next couple of weeks.
As ever, we’d love to hear from you, (contact us here), or better still, why not come and see us (and maybe do a bit of railway-building) – we’re at work every Saturday and a few other days as well.
This week’s photo is a recent shed shunt. MR7710 (No.42) is seen struggling to move two of the bigger locos – MR1320 and Hudswell D558; these latter two don’t see out-of-doors too often.
On behalf of the MRT, can I wish all readers a happy Christmas.