First day of the season

First day of the 2022 operating season, and gratifying to see plenty of people getting out and having a ride on the train. Plenty going on in the workshops as well. The orange Motor Rail, no.21520, slightly disgraced itself with a clutch issue during the Branch Line Society charter last Sunday. Fortunately, the problem was easily diagnosed and fixed. Work on the large Baldwin tractor has resumed now that the wheelsets have arrived. It was remembered that there were still four bolts which needed to be removed from the frame before the wheelsets could be fitted. Unfortunately, the bolts were fitted in Philadelphia in 1918, and were not planning on giving up their home for the last 104 years easily. But eventually oxy-acetylene and brute force won the day. Finally, the Baguley petrol loco was seeing some serious tinkering, including an oil change. Sadly, one cannot report on whether it managed to splutter into life as it wasn’t dark enough.