Subtlety and Speed

This weekend has seen more work to recover the fittings from the Avonside steam loco’s boiler. A process not notable for its subtlety, but necessary; the fittings are valuable, expensive and difficult to obtain, and will, in the fullness of time, be overhauled and fitted onto the new boiler. Which all sounds easy when read quickly.

Meanwhile, two unusual locos had an outing. The RL1B diesel Orenstein will be in use as a “photo prop” for an outing by the IFA Car Club next Saturday with their Trabants and Wartburgs, so it was extracted from the shed, fluids replenished and taken for a trundle using the “G” class Simplex to give it a bit of a load.On the mainline – after the passenger service had finished – the Rhiwbach tramway loco was being tested. It is fair to say that what it lacks in sophistication it more than makes up for in excitement. Recreating a loco from a small pile of scrap steel is a remarkable achievement; the project has a long way to go, but visible and positive progress is being made. The drum under the seat is the current cooling arrangements; the heated driver’s seat thus provided will doubtless be very welcome on cold mornings. Yet to be fitted is the tap to allow tea water to be drawn off.