Avonside Arrival

We are delighted to announce an important new arrival to our collection at Apedale. Avonside 1968 was built in Bristol in 1928, not long before the end of the company, which came in 1934. The loco was exported to South Africa, where it worked on the Renishaw sugar estates. It was plinthed for some years outside the company offices, as can be seen here: http://steam-locomotives-south-africa.blogspot.com/…In 2020, the loco was imported into the UK by Jeremy Martin for his Richmond Light Railway in Kent, but has now been purchased by a Moseley Railway Trust member; it arrived at Apedale on June 11. The loco will be a long-term project and will require a new boiler. Work has started to recover the existing boiler fittings and also to overcome the first hurdle – making the wheels rotate! Opportunity was taken to pose Avonside 1968 with Apedale resident Hudswell 1238; they share a common heritage in that both were UK built, both went to Africa (Ghana in the case of the HC) and both have now returned. The Hudswell was in much worse condition when it returned, which shows what can be done with determination, skills and funding.