Between the downpours…..

A very wet day on Saturday saw limited progress. There was inevitable shunt and clear-up following the diesel weekend, along with ministering to the wounded from that event. Amongst the casualties was the unique Type MM Orenstein petrol loco which had a fit of the vapours during the event. Unfortunately, the vapour in question wasn’t petrol. A good dose of clearing out of fuel filters and carburettors and the loco was back in business, scaring drivers with its fearsome turn of speed. We welcomed an old friend back into the fold; Lister 52031 has been elsewhere since the days of the school railway. It has now arrived at Apedale. Although looking distinctly unimpressive, most of the key components are available. In between the downpours, the Hudswell steam loco ran the passenger trains. Only one steam day left this season – October 31st.