First Movement

The workshop team have been busy over the Xmas period, and the key achievement has been reaching the “first movement” stage with Motor Rail 21520. This loco came to us in August 2017 with no engine, a broken gearbox and a set of very, very poorly wheels. It had last worked at a peatworks on the Scottish borders. Since then, the owner and a team have worked hard to bring the loco to its current state. The engine is an Alstom three-cylinder air cooled unit. It’s a bit of a squeeze in┬áthe available space, and it’s fortunate that it’s cold in December. The engine probably wouldn’t have fitted during the summer months.

The Baldwin tractor is making slow but steady progress, mainly off-site. The cab was brought around to the workshops for dismantling. The cab is in very poor condition, and an awful lot of the platework will need to be renewed. Fortunately, most of the “difficult” bits seem to have survived – but this is a long way off “first movement”!