Shifting Earth

Both regular visitors to this page will have seen the rather painful manual approach being taken to extending the Field Railway. The levels in the vicinity of the project meant that an embankment was needed, which needs fill; the fill, unfortunately, was quite a long way away across the site. The Luminous Dumper was able to move the fill to site and place it, but the dumper was being filled by hand. This meant several members never needed to go to a Gym ever again, and sales of Radox doubled. The arrival of a hired-in minidigger has changed all this beyond recognition, and effectively finished the job in a a weekend. The Field Railway embankment now snakes off into the distance – curving north, and dreaming of the day when it will meet the other leg of the railway and complete the circuit. The points for the eastern end of Loos Loop have been placed temporarily; all we need to do now is just lay track, level it all and enjoy. Hopefully, trains will be able to run on the new section at the Swords to Ploughshares event on June 29 & 30 – see you there?