The Long Good Friday

The main project this Easter at Apedale has been the groundworks for the Field Railway extension. The Field Railway, you will recall, currently terminates in a pair of sidings. These sidings are known, rather optimistically, as Loos Loop – named after the well-known town in France which featured heavily in the First World War. The immediate objective is to make Loos Loop live up to its name, which will ease operations during gala days when we run trains along the Field Railway. Beyond that, a decent headshunt is required. How much further beyond that depends on how much material is available. The work is not subtle, but it is physical; shovel material from the stockpile into the dumper, take dumper to site, dump material. Level to taste.
In between times, steam trains were running with the rather elegant Hunslet 1215. Trains are also running on Sunday and Monday! Our visitors seemed to enjoy the egg hunt, the unseasonable sunshine and watching a bunch of volunteers shovel stuff into a dumper!