Not long to go

There is only one weekend left now before the start of our 2019 running season – and that one weekend will be largely taken up with the triumph of democracy which is the Annual General Meeting. So….a busy weekend. Out on the main line, a fairly large track job took place – essentially, a lift, level and pack. It seems that the winter rains had not been kind in an area which has always been prone to sinking. A large quantity of ballast was needed before tamping could sort out the levels. This was supplied by the rather splendid ballast hopper, built some years ago by the Hayfield Railway Group.

Meanwhile, the Hudswell Clarke steam loco was on the pit being re-assembled for the steam test. The ashpan on this loco does suffer, and re-assembly is not a task for the faint of heart.

As if that wasn’t enough, Ruston 191658, which we saw last week under severe attack, finally split apart into its major components – frame, wheelsets and gearbox (the engine is elsewhere on site). The discovery of a wasps nest above one of the axleboxes made for an interesting few minutes, but fortunately the inhabitants seem to have fled some time previously.