Skips, Boxes and Bodywork

A quick look at a few current goings-on at Apedale. The younger members (and one who stretches that definition a little) have been working on the cosmetic restoration of a skip wagon – the backbone of ever industrial narrow gauge railway system.Meanwhile, a Motor Rail gearbox (from MR21520) has been dismantled and the carcass is being cleaned. The gearbox (one of the modern thin-type boxes, as I’m sure you had noticed) is in pretty good order, but some of the bearings are a bit shot.Finally, in a game of “what on earth?” the Baldwin tractor’s front bodywork is being slowly, and painfully, renovated. The existing sheet steel skin is scrap, and temporary braces have been tacked in so that the structural members will stay in the correct place in relation to each other when the skin is finally removed. All we need to do then is make and fit the new skin. Simples – not.