Ceiling and Baldwin

A quick update on a couple more jobs which were done over the Xmas period – but only just got around to sorting the photos.
Firstly, work has been proceeding on installing a proper ceiling in the main workshop. The objective is to improve the working environment, as it can be a bit chilly in there at this time of year. Good progress has been made, and all that remains is to recreate Michelangelo’s efforts in Rome, although we might opt for the slightly quicker version using Artex. It is reported that the loft hatches will lead to the model railway room.
Secondly, one of the big outstanding jobs on the Baldwin was completed. The brake rigging for the loco is the original 2’0″ gauge equipment repositioned to suit the standard gauge wheels. This was done by fitting a large lump of cast iron on each side as a spacer. Non-destructive attempts to remove the blocks have been defeated, and a visit to our friends in Frankfurt demonstrated that the blocks were not going to be needed for the 2’0″ gauge loco. So, rather brutal measures were resorted to, and the blocks were removed in pieces, having been cut using an angle grinder. The remnants are now available for a very nominal sum to anyone keen for a very large novelty paperweight.