August Bank Holiday

August Bank Holiday – always a weekend of mixed emotions; nearly time to go back to school, and the Christmas trees have appeared in Woolworths (for younger readers, that used to be a sort of shop). But why not lighten the atmosphere and enjoy what promises to be a big weekend at Apedale. We are running steam all three days – and not just any old engine, but the newly-arrived Hunslet War Department Loco no.303. This is the only one of its type north of the equator. As if that wasn’t enough, Sunday is our annual Classic Cars Day when the site fills with polished chrome, that nice smell of leather and the sound of someone trying to start their Austin Allegro. Just £3 adults, £1.50 for kids on the train – and that gets you into to see the cars as well! What’s not to like? Maybe the thought of double maths before long…..