A few slightly unusual photos this week. Typifying the unglamorous – actually downright unpleasant – jobs which are a necessary part of keeping the site at Apedale operational and in good order was the clearing the gutters on the Aurora North shed. If nothing else, it provided the chance for a novel view of the world.
Meanwhile, we celebrated the end of the Great SandBag Filling Operation. Work to improve and maintain the replica trench in time for Tracks to the Trenches – July 13-15 – has used huge numbers of sandbags, but finally the Trench Supremo said “no more”, and the shovels were laid to one side.
In a slightly more conventional mode, the ex-Cadeby Ruston has now lost all of its bodywork, and the heavily clogged water spaces have been flushed out. Similar to washing out the shed gutters, really! Cognoscenti of Rustons will note the Lister engine, showing that this is one of the oldest Ruston locos in preservation.
All of which goes to show the variety of work MRT volunteers get up to – why not join in the fun? Don’t worry, we don’t do the gutters very often…..