Another varied day

Another busy day down the Apedale Valley shows the wide variety of work undertaken by the volunteers of the Moseley Railway Trust. The Civil Engineering department got out their best wheelbarrow and favourite cement mixer (actually the only cement mixer) and carried out major repairs to the steps which form one of the main access ways into the working area; the old steps were breaking up and had become a trip hazard. One of the team started the day thinking that Cement was what you used to make Airfix kits, and is now thinking of tendering for the viaducts on HS2. Meanwhile, large-scale tinkering also happened on a couple of locos. Motor Rail 8878 is having a cosmetic upgrade – it’s a good runner, but looks a bit rough. We saw the ex-Cadeby Ruston last week, and some serious dismantling was done. The state of the bodywork is such that quite a lot of the dismantling needed a sweeping brush, and as the photo shows, the structural integrity of the cab was somewhat questionable. As ever, we welcome new recruits – come on down every weekend and learn new skills (like how to mix concrete!).